Museum Salt & Moor Klaushäusl

Did you know that the first pipeline in the world led from Reichenhall to the upper Bavarian Alpine foothills in the 19th century? And that it wasn’t transporting oil but dissolved salt? The dissolved salt, brine, was boiled to solid salt in Traunstein and Rosenheim. To ensure that the brine continued to flow in the pipeline, there were pump stations at regular intervals. Grassau had one of these - Klaushäusl. Today the building complex is home to two fascinating museums on the B 305.
The Soleleitungsmuseum (museum for brine pipeline) is the only completely preserved brine pump station on the former brine pipeline between Berchtesgaden and Rosenheim (1810 to 1958). It’s a unique industrial monument with one of the few originally preserved Reichenbachsch water column machines.
Moor museum on development, plant and animal life, use and protection of the high moorland bordering directly on the North of Grassau Hochmoore, Kendlmühlfilzen.
Museum "Salt & Moor" in Klaushäusl comes with a museum café which serves great cakes, pies and coffee.

Open from 1st May until approx. the middle of October daily except for Mondays: from 11 until 5 p.m.