Seven houses ...

During the working period of the brine pipeline (1810-1958) each of the seven buildings hat its own function. Nowadays, they are occupied differently.

Centrepiece is the tower-shaped powerhouse ("Maschinenhaus") with the original water column machine which had pumped the brine for nearly 150 years. The long flat building next to it is the lower brine reserve. Two large tanks in there buffered brine to ensure pumping even in case of a disruption of the pipeline. The upper brine reserve above, next to the edge of the woods, had the same setting. The small house at half height produced water pressure to power the machine. These four buildings now host the Salt museum.

In the Brunnwart's house, a stately three-storey building, the caretaker for the water column machine lived with his family. Today, the reception, the Bog museum and the special exhibition are located here. Visitor's toilets can be found one building further in the former barn and stable. The last house, formerly inhabited by the caretaker's subworker, now is converted to a café.