Bog Museum

From Exploitation to Protection
For a long time bogs were regarded as the gloomy and scary home of ghosts and spectres. Only peat was used as fuel and bedding in the stables. In the 19th century, the fear of mythical creatures decreased while the energy requirements increased as a result of economic growth. Peat was supposed to meet these requirements.

Paths and drainage ditches were built within the bog, later a railway was added. The destruction of nature went on as bigger machines were used in the 20th century until a citizen’s group achieved the stop of peat extraction. Nowadays, rewetting degraded peatland actually plays a major role in climate protection. The museum presents the long process from extracting peat by hand to mechanical extraction as well as the citizen’s group’s goals, nature reserves and modern climate protection. You can experience the bog with all senses by taking a walk on our activity trail located just a couple of minutes away from the museum.